Join Me for Some Salad?

This sequence of pictures covers 12 seconds as this grasshopper makes short order of one leaf. This was a fascinating show – he probed around with his antennae for his first leaf, then he held the leaf with his two front legs and tore into the leaf with his mandibles. When finished, he started probing for his next leaf.

He consumed three more leaves before I annoyed him enough that he tried hiding underneath a marigold blossom.

(Click on any picture to open the gallery and watch the grasshopper devour the leaf!)


  1. He is an absolutely wonderful little chap. We occasionally get them in our front garden, and it always impresses me that, in Europe, they have flown all the way from North Africa just to check if I have been doing the weeding regularly!

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    1. Thank you! He let me get very close while he was eating. After he finally crawled underneath the flower, he peaked around looking for me. I wonder if he was hoping I would leave so he could eat some more?


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