An Unusual Find

We have a large trail system in town for bicycling and walking. While traveling these routes, we see many sights. This one was a surprise – a mini-covered bridge in someone’s backyard. I do not know who lived here so I could not do much exploring. However, this seems like a very pleasant backyard with a bridge over the creek and into a flat, grassy area. As we looked from the trail along the creek, I spotted a blue heron sitting near the base of the bridge; I snapped a very quick and slightly out-of-focus shot.

How refreshing that just by walking and looking around, we can come across something that you absolutely do not expect.

(Click on any picture to open the gallery!)

These pictures came from two different walks along this trail – in one picture the creek is down and we can see the rocks; the other pictures (the first time we saw the bridge) came just after a few days of heavy rains and the creek is up and flowing fast!


  1. The Blue Heron is a lovely bird to find. It’s very like our Grey Heron but has more reddish areas on it. The experts described the colour as “vineous”. And as always,l ovely, interesting photographs.

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