Day of the Triffids?

A couple of weeks ago, we searched out the Haunted Bridge and the Whipple Bridge at Washington Township Park in Avon, Indiana. The Sycamore Trail connects these two bridges as it meanders two-tenths of a mile along the west side of White Lick Creek. Along the way we saw many wild flowers and a few bugs.

Today’s feature is a red flower with light blue and white tips on the petals. I do not know the species or the common name, but it is easy to see why this is on the wild flower list. At the south end of the trail, there was a patch that had stalks of these flowers. The scene looked kind of spooky. It reminded me of the old science fiction book (and black-and-white B-movie): ‘Day of the Triffids.’ The tall flowers in this book could move around and had a stinger that whipped about and zapped people! I know this might be a stretch, but I was a science-fiction junkie as a kid. It’s all coming back now. Perhaps being near the Haunted Bridge had some effect on me.

(Click on any picture to open the gallery!)

I would appreciate any help with the name of this wild flower. I do not believe that it is a triffid.


Comments Always Welcome and Appreciated!

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