Waxing Gibbous

Tonight, I showed Lain this picture of the moon. Lain has picked up the old Nex F3 trying to learn the nuances of photography. With her attention to detail, that should not take her very long. She said they had watched part of the movie ‘Apollo 13.’ I told her that I was in 8th grade when this mission and its ensuing disaster happened. We all kept up with news reports during the almost six days while the astronauts circled the Moon and returned to Earth safely. It was quite an intense time!

(Click on any picture to open the gallery!)

I have used captures of the moon while working on my technique with shutter and aperture adjustments. Two nights ago, we had a particularly bright waxing gibbous. This was my first trial with the new α6000. The shots came out very well – I got more surface detail than I could before. The featured picture is a hand-held shot at 1/320 second, focal length 200 mm, f6.3, iso 400, JPEG processed by the camera, and shadows enhanced in Picassa 3™.


  1. Yes, the whole world was watching and hoping that all would end well. It was perhaps one of those moments when nationality was perhaps not as important as it often was at that time.


  2. Nice work – I ‘ve never been able to get the moon so well.

    You have a Lain in your family? My girlfriend’s daugter Elaine goes by Lain. That was the first time I’d ever seen/heard that nickname.


    1. Thank you Jim. I have been working on night shooting for a while. The Moon is somewhat difficult (for me anyway) because it is so bright against and a dark blue or black background.

      Lain is our daughter’s official name. I am not sure where that name comes from or what it means. I was never allowed to be a part of the child-naming committee. And I thought my ideas were good too!


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