Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day – Day Trip

Charlotte and I ventured off by ourselves back in February to visit Cataract Falls, south of Cloverdale, Indiana. We had just been through a major extended family crisis (which turned out well after some very tense days) and were looking to escape for a bit. Plus, I wanted to get some pictures of the waterfalls in the winter. We set off into west-central Indiana on our quest. I might have taken a couple of wrong turns and we might have gotten lost a couple of times, but we had a fun day, and drove on some roads that we had never been on before.

To top it off, I did finally make our way to Cataract Falls and we got some pictures of the falls and a covered bridge too. I like the pictures, not only because they show a wintry scene of a typically summer venue, but because of the attachment to that day trip and the fun Charlotte and I had together on a rare day away from everything and everyone.

(Click on any picture to open a wintry gallery!)

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