Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy – Warding Off Evil Spirits

Many different cultures around the world have used gargoyles and other structural features to keep evil spirits away. These examples come from the late Qing Dynasty rooftop at the Chen Clan Academy in Guangzhou, China. They strike some people, especially from western cultures, as being creepy. Other buildings in China have dragons on the rooftops to keep the scene safe. This particular site even has a bit of a haunted aura when you walk around in the quiet and look at the details! It has fascinated me to explore these sites and learn about their original purpose and use.

(Click on a picture to view the details more closely!)

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        1. The Baiyun gardens were very impressive. Our visit there occurred just after New Year’s in 2007. They still had some Christmas decorations up and there was a horticulture exhibition there that was outstanding.


  1. Some extremely intricate designs. In Cornwall, old cottages often have “witch-balls”. These are on the summit of the roof, perhaps two or three of them, approximately nine inches in diameter. They prevent flying witches from ever landing on your house.

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