Taking the New Camera for a Spin

I have considered upgrading my camera for some time now – that being years as opposed to weeks or months. With five teenage daughters to feed, and said five daughters to put through college, I had to limit the amount of money to put aside for a purchase like that. On the other hand, I wanted to make a significant step up in quality and ability. For this blog I have used a trusty Sony Nex F3, with 16 MP sensor, up to this point. It is a solid camera and has allowed me to get back into photography as a hobby.

I now have a new Sony α6000. It has a 24 MP sensor, an LCD that tilts up or down, a built-in eye viewer (that accessory for the Nex F3 would have cost me $300, that was more than I paid for the Nex F3) and can shoot 11 frames per second with auto focus (I have not tried that feature out yet – maybe this weekend). I stayed with a Sony camera for several reasons. I have always liked Sony’s color reproduction. This camera will use the same lenses I have for the Nex F3. That is a huge savings in investment there. Plus, I really like my 18-200mm telephoto zoom anyway. I had purchased it as a walking-around lens, but it has evolved into my everything lens thus far. It fits well into my style of photography. Finally, this was the least expensive camera I could find that met my ‘upgrade’ criteria.

In my research, reviewers rate this camera as ‘Expert Amateur’ level. I am not sure if I fit into that class yet, but, so far, I have enjoyed using the camera. That is a good thing since it will have to last me until I can cover the kids’ college costs or if I receive a significantly huge cash award from some anonymous donor, whichever comes first. My first set of test shots are Macro-mode since that is where I spend most of my photography time. The pictures in this post came from a walk around the house. I am happy with the results so far as the learning process continues!

(Click any picture for a closer view!)

More test shots to follow!


  1. Looking good. I am not a huge fan of the Sony’s menus and controls, but I’m sure familiarity takes care of a lot of that, and there’s no question that they will take an excellent picture when well driven. What other lenses do you have beside the all purpose zoom?


    1. Thank you! I have the 18-55 mm that came in the box with the camera. I later added the 55-210 mm and used it a lot on the macro pictures. However, I can make the 18-200 do just as much as it did, plus this gives me the wider angle shots too – I hardly use the 55-210 anymore.


    1. Bees have made a bit of a comeback in the MidWest the past couple of years. We have had above average precipitation which has greatly enhanced the flower growth – both in gardens and the wild varieties.


  2. Well deserved upgrade after a bit of a wait. Love these close up shots, lots of clarity and the colours are very vivid. Learning how to use a new camera takes time to, and I’m sure you will have fun experimenting soon. I bought a Canon G7X last year and it’s my go-to camera aside from one from the Fuji X series. Fun toys to pay with 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I am very happy with the detail and the color. I will be doing some landscape shots tomorrow and maybe some wildlife (depending on how active the mammals and birds are in the morning) – I am anxious to see how those workout.

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