Saturday Walks

Cara, Ethan and I have gotten into the habit of walking on Saturday. With Ethan and Cara married and Cara moved out of the house, these walks have become interesting and entertaining discussions of the stupid things of life, of adventures we have had and of our enjoyment of the surroundings. God’s creation offers so much for us to see on these walks if we just pay attention and look around us.

I always take my camera along for when some photo spot appears (as they often do). It was during one of these walks that Cara spotted the bald eagle back in the spring. That was a great picture day even though I did not have the right lens for a close shot. At one of the routes we take, the trail takes us past several ponds. The largest pond lies at the southern end of the park. For the past two weeks, we have seen some very nice views. A few appear in the gallery. Enjoy!

(Click on any picture to open the gallery and see the views!)


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