Ivory Spotted Longhorn Beetle

Charlotte saw this beetle around the front door – the ivory spotted longhorn beetle. It has an interesting story: the beetle lays eggs in hardwood, when the new beetles hatch they dig their way out of the hardwood, which might take a few years. And the hardwood might be furniture by that time. Allegedly, these beetles could live up to forty years, but other sources dispute that.


My captures are a bit fuzzy – I caught this bug late in the evening and did not have much time to make adjustments before he flew away. I told the kids to be on the lookout for bore holes in our furniture.


  1. That is an interesting tale. I presume the hardwood he grows up in is native to the USA, and you are not fighting something from the Brazilian jungle. Incidentally, I don’t think the pictures are fuzzy. Perhaps it’s my eyes!

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    1. Variations of this beetle live all around the world based on my reading. And some of them are much bigger than this one – up to 6 inches in body length. Several people challenged the ‘fuzzy’ comment of mine – I see some graininess but it could be my eyes too!


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