Weaving 101

We watched this orb weaver spider construct his web. The detail of the design and the spider’s pattern of constructing the web creates a tantalizing symmetry. This sequence of shots in the gallery covers about twenty minutes. During the entire sequence we only saw the spider’s underside. This spider has a lot of color. Since we did not see him from the top, I am not sure of the species but he will probably become a meal for one of the wasps that are buzzing around.

(You can track the spider’s progress by tracking through the gallery!)

Unfortunately the spider’s work did not last too long; the plants he anchored to did not stay in place due to the winds.


    1. The animal kingdom never fails to impress! Nature has retained its balance since the day of creation. Yet our politicians are setting us up to destroy the entire world with the press of a button. It’s rather ironic!


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