Our Own Cardinals

Cardinals are everywhere in Indiana. It is hard not to see one on any kind of halfway decent day. Since early Spring we have seen a male and female Cardinal hanging around their nest in the upper reaches of our crab apple tree. Almost every day, the male bounces from branch to branch chirping away as Cardinals do. He hardly sits still long enough for any pictures. He finally relented a couple of days ago and let me get a few in before he flew back into the top of the tree. I wait now for the female to sit still long enough for her photo shoot!

(Click on any picture to open the gallery!)


    1. I don’t think there are any almond trees nearby but there are some at the park – about a mile away. This tree is not sturdy enough to support the cats, so that be the incentive on this one!


  1. We have cardinals here, too. In the spring, their mating calls fill the air.

    I’ve never managed to get good photograph of one of our cardinals, however. I have to trek through the back yard to our wooded lot, and by the time I’ve arrived, they’ve flown away.


  2. What wonderful, beautiful birds. One of the few American species never to have been seen this side of the Atlantic, along with Bald Eagle and hummingbirds. I did see an American Robin once …..now that was some bird!

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    1. Yes, they are all marvelous animals. Robins and Cardinals are everywhere in Indiana. Eagles of any type are quite rare here. We have a lot of hummingbirds but they rarely sit still long enough for a good picture. A really long telephoto lens helps and I don’t have one!


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