Looking Under the Hood

Ethan spotted something white near the baseball diamonds while Cara, he and I were walking recently. Thinking it might be a ball from one of the fields, we walked behind the fence to check it out. Upon examination, we found a huge parasol mushroom. It was really big. Owing to the traffic that streams around these ball fields, it surprised me that the mushroom remained intact! We did see remnants of another parasol mushroom that probably had been as big as this one lying in a wet, low spot near the fence. We took a few pictures of the intact mushroom and walked on. When we returned a little while later on the way back to the car, it was still there and I got two more pictures! A couple of the better ones are on display here.


Even though the grass was still quite damp (it was about 9:30am) I tried to get a shot up under the canopy. It turned out better than I thought it would. You can almost make out the gills, and you can see where the stem had supported another possibly smaller canopy earlier. I only tried this ground-level shot once since my camera is not water-proof. We did not disturb the mushroom any further.


(Click on either picture for an enlarged view!)


  1. The ridge under the canopy is where the edge of the ball was attached before it opened into the canopy. That is also an indication that the mushroom is probably poisonous. Another poisonous indication is white gills and a bulbous structure at the base of the stem.

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