Just About Ready to Be Called Fresh Fruit

The strawberries have enjoyed the wet spring in Indiana. We have already picked a few fresh strawberries to snack on. I managed to get these pictures before they disappeared. You can clearly see how the seeds open out from the center of the fruit as it grows to full size. I am not sure there are many other fruits where the seeds end up on the outside of the fruit!

(Click on either picture to open up the gallery and a broader view of the detail!)

Hoping I can get to a couple of these before the kids find them!


  1. There is a now almost forgotten rule about picking hedgerow fruits in England. Never pick anything low enough down for a fox to have peed on it. Seriously though, nowadays, hardly anybody goes out any more to pick our commonest fruit, blackberries. Presumably, the supermarkets have won!

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    1. I am not aware of any fox population around here so that may not be a problem for us! Nothing beats fresh fruit – blackberries would be nice – there are some along the trail where I ride my bicycle.


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