Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Week #26 – Directions?

I chuckle when I see multiple-choice intersections. In this one, north goes in two different directions. For the directionally-challenged driving the winding roads in the hills of southern Indiana, this presents a choice to be made. If I assume that north is straight ahead, then I have to turn west to get on the southbound highway and going east puts me on the ‘other’ northbound path. In this case, however, we are heading west so all are in the correct direction except for US 231 northbound. It will actually go west for a few miles before turning to the north! And to add to the confusion, it will intersect with highway 157, which takes the alternate northbound path here, in the next town. They never make these things easy, do they?


This intersection is in Bloomfield, Indiana.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Week #26 – Directions?


  1. I can see two pictures. In one Loogootee is 15 miles away and on the second it is a left turn. Somehow, I don’t think the back lanes of Norfolk or Cornwall would suit you, and as for Ireland, it is quite simply unbelievable. But in a quaint, leprechauny kind of way, of course!

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    1. In fact I enjoy riding the winding roads. We traveled a few out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere roads when we were in northern Michigan last week. I thoroughly enjoyed that except we did not see any moose or elk!


  2. I am also having trouble with this Theme. It either does not load or takes ages to do it. The solid background has a lot to do with it, I think. I use an ordinary, old fashioned PC. Your previous theme was a lot better.
    Glad I don’t live in Bloomfield! I’d be lost before I was even found. Love these pics of places though.


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