Springtime on Mackinac Island

Although the calendar said it was about time for Summer to begin, the flowers on Mackinac Island just reached their Springtime magnificence during our visit in mid-June.

(Click on any picture to open the gallery!)

Our visit this time found us mostly in town; however, we did take a trail out to the east edge of the island and got to see some wildflowers too! We will share more of this island in later posts including some of its history and significance! Stay tuned!


    1. I’m extremely jealous of your meal. Thanks for stopping by though! I get numb if I read too many Hillary articles – it seems more productive if I just stub my toe on the furniture.


    1. I apologize – I should have explained more. Mackinac Island is a small island located where Lake Michigan flows into Lake Huron in Michigan. It is an historic site and still prohibits motorized vehicles. You get around on foot, by horse or on a bicycle. I will have posts on this over the next week or so to explain some more of the details!

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