Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid – Food at the Fair

Vivid is the name of the game when it comes to food vendors at the State Fair. More often than not, unfortunately, I have noticed that the actual food rarely matches the vividness of the sales location! Just guessing, but that probably is not just a coincidence.

(At your own risk, click on any picture to open the Fair Food gallery!)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid


  1. Hate to sound like a snob, but aesthetically I find this style of design to be … tasteless. So when it comes to the food? How appropriate!
    Still, I’ll have days when it’s all fun — over-the-top, spinning, greasy delight.
    Your shots have me smiling on a chill, gray morning.

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    1. There is nothing cheap about going to the big fairs (these pictures came from the Indiana State Fair). But you can get some good food at reasonable prices at the smaller town and country fairs! Those fairs also offer local favorites which are fun to try out!

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