One Year Ago Today It All Started…

Today marks exactly one year since the first post on A Trivial Mind At Work. And it all started very slowly after a three-post false-start back in 2013. I have no facebook or twitter accounts. My pinterest account has stood idle for most of the past twelve months. I did not even tell anyone I had started a blog at first. Today I have around 630 followers and, based on the lack of any other on-line publicity, I am happy with that result; it exceeds my initial expectations. I have met so many talented bloggers and enjoyed reading posts and having conversations on all sorts of topics.


This blogging has pulled me back into the world of photography. I had enjoyed that as a hobby many years ago, but it seems the addition of children (six, and all girls) took away the time and the focus I had for that. But starting this blog, and fortuitously coming across a good camera at a very cheap price, turned this aimless endeavor into what it is today. Maybe still a bit aimless but a very enjoyable outlet for my personal style of photography and commentary!

I would like to thank you all for reading and commenting. I always appreciate the feedback and the advice!

Below I have listed a few of my favorite posts on this blog and the reasons why I liked them. I hope you enjoyed them too:

My favorite photography post – The First Cicada Shoot – I stand amazed at the color and detail in nature. This photo-shoot presents both in a spectacular package – the cicada. Just remember that these are a delicacy in China! The Chinese claim the females are meatier and tastier than the males. I do not have any first-hand data to refute that claim.

My favorite writing post – Just a Moment in Time – This is also my first post. This was about one of those special moments that one shares with God alone. It occurred in the first few days of our first adoption. I had intended to follow-up with posts on the other girl’s adoptions and on our bio daughter too. Unfortunately, the blog has not gone in that direction. However, I will insert those posts in over the next few months anyway!

The post that most surprised me by being as popular as it was – Compromises in Life – I had intended this post to be a filler during a week when I had no time to publish something worthwhile. Oddly enough, this one exploded in views and sarcastic comments. But it is based on a true story! Life is full of compromises!


My most important acknowledgement goes to my wife Charlotte. Our anniversary comes up in a couple of days – that day marks thirty-seven years of wedded bliss – that would be twenty-one years for her and sixteen for me! (just kidding!) She remains my love, my best friend, my partner, my analyst and my cheerleader in life. She often tells me that the computer and social media are stupid and ridiculous and a waste of time. Then she turns around and points out a rainbow, a sunset, a flower or something for me to snap for a good blog post. I do not ever want to know where I would be without her.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog and looks like we have something in common with the photography I myself have found a new hobby because of this blogging life. Good luck for future and congrats on the one years blogging.

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