There is Always One Oddball

“People can waste a large amount of their time trying to be accepted by people. Sometimes, God meant for you not to fit. You never know, you may hold the unique perspective that when voiced or demonstrated will change generations.”
Shannon L. Alder


We do not see too many unusual flowers around the neighborhood. As I practice, I do not use shots of the neighbor’s flowers for my blog. But in this case I have made an exception. We saw this on a small corner-of-the-lot flower bed. It caught my eye because of its orange coloring. I usually do not see much solid orange like this. It usually appears mixed with reds and yellows. Anyway, I took a quick shot and have it here today.

And it got me to thinking.

When I reflect on the people who have run across my path over the years, it always seems that the oddballs are the ones who stand out. I lived on campus during my undergraduate years – our dorm rooms were for two and had two beds, two closets, two desks and one window plus very little extra floor space. We had one guy in particular who I remember well. Most of us had, perhaps, a radio and a record player (yes, I lived in those days) in our dorm rooms. I had purchased my record player at Ayr-Way – remember that store? It had a plastic case and two separate small speakers plus a plug-in for a stereo headset – pretty ritzy stuff for those days. The record player is long gone, but for years I still had the Ayr-Way bag that it came in from the store. I may regret finally tossing it; that bag is probably a collector’s item.

Anyway, this one odd fellow had a dorm room out of a science fiction magazine – speakers the size of a closet, a huge stereo sound system, a huge color television set, a cabinet of records and tapes of all genres of music, an equalizer that could produce sound effects (which he used to send a large number of funny and disgusting sounds across campus) – it was so big, if I had searched I probably could have found a recording booth and possibly a private bathroom (and those two could have been in the same place in this case).

Academically he did very well despite the huge distractions of sound, noise and visitors that gathered around his dorm room on a daily basis. But his unusual lifestyle made a contribution to dorm life at our little school so many years ago.

Of course, I may be an oddball myself to have a set of small orange flowers remind me of the oddball personalities in my past. Such is the life of the trivial mind.


      1. My only bad thought is that it is a weed. 😨
        I don’t know them that well. I do know that orange had the least amount of flowers representing it. So, when I see an orange flower, I’m interested as it’s my fav color. I’m still looking for it in my books. ..I’ll drop a comment if I find it 😉

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