Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped – Nesting Season

I grabbed a quick picture of this heron hiding in the grass at Galveston a few weeks ago. I only had the camera with me (no bag) and my battery was at about 0%. This was my last picture before it died. It was a dumb move taking off to the coast without my bag but it was already late and I was in a rush (excuses, excuses!)


(Click anywhere on the picture for a better enlarged view!)

There were literally hundreds of birds nesting in the swampy areas. Every now and then I would see a head pop up out of the grass – a long neck stretched out as the bird checked out the surrounding area. I saw herons, egrets, gulls, pelicans, cranes and a few other birds I could not identify. One would swoop by occasionally into another hiding spot in the grass. The visit made for a pleasant evening even though I ran out of camera power.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped


    1. Thank you! This was taken on Galveston Island. The birds were all bobbing their heads from the tall grass watching me (and a couple other photographers) as we walked around the swampy area! There were literally hundreds of them here and there.


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