Just Waiting for the Next Breeze


Back when I was a kid, we would pick these and blow the seed pods into the air, watching as they fell to earth all over the yard.

Of course, when I was a kid, our parents used to dig the resulting plants out of the ground with a dandelion tool. But it was to no avail – too many kids and too many dandelions to deal with!

In those days, we also had bees that visited the dandelions (and the clover). We knew that because we always went out bare-foot and always got stung right in the soft part underneath the big toe. Our parents would typically refer to that as ‘just rewards’ for spreading those plants in the first place!



  1. They are lovely precise photographs. I wonder if dandelions have spread across the world naturally or has man carried them inadvertently? The same, I suppose, for Rose Bay Willow Herb which has a different American name. Fireweed perhaps?

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