Look Up, Look Down Challenge, Week 81

My entry for the Look Up, Look Down Challenge comes from the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees in Guangzhou, China. On our last trip there, the kids and I attempted to climb the pagoda.


About two-thirds the way up we discovered that the pagoda swayed with the breeze. To the full-time residents of the temple that probably meant very little, but I got very uncomfortable as the floor beneath me rocked back and forth. My data may be a bit off, but I estimated we moved back and forth at a speed faster than I want to travel in a two hundred year old wooden pagoda built with no nails that high off the ground.


However, I did manage to get a picture of the worship area beneath the pagoda and a shot of the pagoda itself! The seasickness subsided fairly quickly after returning to earth.


Comments Always Welcome and Appreciated!

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